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Turbidity is a relative measure of the clarity of water. It is obtained from an optical sensor that measures the backscattered light from a small volume of water. Turbidity units are Nephelometric Turbidity Units (NTU), but conversions from NTU to TSS (Total Suspended Solids) is dependent on particle properties that change over time. This is why OceanLab also uses instruments (e.g. LISST and SilCam) for measuring particle abundances and sizes.

OceanLab has several turbidity sensors (click here for equipment overview) that are recorded as auxhilary parameters on some of the CTD instruments. Turbidity sensors are installed on the profiling frame at the Munkholmen site, and on the the inside of the buoy (ca. 1m depth) at the Ingdalen site.

Instrument locations and types

Page updated: 18.07.22