Sensors can be rented, and data from sensors attached to the buoys are made available for use. For an overview of where these sensors are within the lab, see the Equipment page, here.

Please contact for questions, prices and booking.

We have several sensors, acoustic releases, floats and mooring equipment. Click the buttons below for more details.

CTD (e.g. salinity, temperature, density) Chlorophyll (e.g. phytoplankton) Turbidity (e.g. water clarity) Oxygen CDOM (e.g. Coloured Dissolved Organic Matter) pH PAR (e.g. Photosynthetically Active Radiation) ADCP (e.g. current speed, acoustic backscatter) Weather (e.g. wind, air temperature, pressure, humidity) LISST instruments (e.g. particle size and concentration) CytoSub (e.g. phytoplankton cell images, phytoplankton fluorescence) UVP-6 (e.g. particle size and images) SilCam (e.g. particle size and images) Nitrate

Below is a table of sensors in the OceanLab Observatory and a selection other existing equipment available. Each item is grouped into catagories according to their current availability.

How to interpret the statuses above:
IN-USE = Being used by a project
IN-OPERATION = Collecting data that is available
OPERATIONAL = Functioning and ready for use
NOT OPERATIONAL = Cannot be used (e.g. requires service/configuration work)

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